Measuring, Mentoring, and Monitoring Values

for People, Planet, and Profit

Eighty percent of a person’s values are unconscious.

That means you are being driven by forces you’re not even aware of. How can you expect to manage these forces when you can’t even identify them?

That’s where we come in.

JUST Values DNA is a system for understanding 125 individual and organizational values and linking them to an exhaustive list of skills and behaviors.  Values and skills are the DNA of meaning making and decision making, and they promote high level individual and team performance.

Using our proprietary Values Technology, Inc. software, we are able to tell you, your team, and your clients:

- Victor Shewchuck,Senior Advisor, University of Alberta

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Hall-Tonna Values framework in organizations for over 20 years. There is no better methodology and practice than the Hall-Tonna Values framework for growing leadership.”


- Mark Mercer,Leadership Coach and Facilitator

“Working with values enables both strategic (delivering against planned goals) and adaptive performance (responding and initiating in the context of ongoing variability and change).


- Steve Hennigan,CEO, San Antonio Credit Union

“Elva and her team do a great job taking quantitative data and turn it into qualitative analysis you can use. They’re great partners for a team that’s ready to bring about significant cultural change in an organization.”


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