What We Do


We bring your hidden values to the surface.  We make the implicit explicit.  Using our propriety software, we measure your personal priorities so that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and use your values to motivate and direct yourself.

When working with corporate, educational, and non-profit groups, we measure the values priorities of both individuals and their teams to understand how they combine to form your collective organizational culture. We measure the often neglected human capital of your organization in order to facilitate the creation of a culture in which people, planet, and profit thrive.


Through the mentorship process, we help you translate your values into clearly articulated aspirations. We partner with you in pursuing those aspirations through the co-creation and execution of a tailored skill development plan.

Within the corporate or organizational structure, we mentor executives, managers, and employees to identify collective strengths and skill gaps and facilitate the alignment of individual, team, and organizational values.


Transformation takes time.  When you commit to living and working in alignment with your values, you embark upon an important journey.  We monitor your progress, redirecting you when necessary and celebrating your victories along the way.

We provide a number of ongoing services to corporate, educational, and non-profit clients to enable them to carry our work forward and ensure that the values alignment work we have done together continues to progress at all levels of the organization.