Words From our Clients

Victor Shewchuk

Senior Advisor, University of Alberta, Canada

President, VisionWorks Consulting Group, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with the Hall-Tonna Values framework in organizations for over 20 years. This is the principle framework I use to shift organizational culture in my work in leadership and organizational development. There is no better methodology and practice than the Hall-Tonna Values framework for growing leadership.”

Steve Hennigan

CEO, San Antonio Credit Union

“When we began our values work eight years ago, our industry was reeling from major disruption. We had to make sense of the world and define a larger social purpose for ourselves. The JVDNA team helped diagnose the issues and our culture. They tapped into the collective unconscious of our company and helped illuminate pathways to purpose. When we began, we needed more distributed accountability—instead of just duty and obedience. We needed our leadership to have an inner sense of responsibility.

We’re now continuing our work with Just Values DNA to facilitate collaboration and servant leadership among our managers and Board members. Elva and her team are very good listeners and do a great job taking quantitative data and turning it into qualitative analysis you can use. They’re great partners for a leadership team that’s ready to take on the work of bringing about significant cultural change in an organization.”

Mark Mercer

Leadership Coach and Facilitator, England

“Working with values enables both strategic (delivering against planned goals) and adaptive performance (responding and initiating in the context of ongoing variability and change). I have seen it work in diverse organizations: One global insurance senior team rediscovered their sense of purpose and designed a culture that worked for the business and its people. A high potential group within a global financial firm transitioned from followers to courageous leaders. A London-based marketing business realigned their whole business strategy with their employees’ values. A housing association and global brand uplifted their engagement, customer service and leadership effectiveness by transforming their leadership culture. For all these global and UK-based organizations, working with values provided solid foundations to grow from; focus for day to day decisions; and a shared purpose for the co-creation of a sustainable business.”